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A tasty place to play with data.

About The Labs

eet labs is where we play with our data. No other restaurant, search, or foodie company in London has the quality or kind of data we have here at eet.

In fact, we don't think that any other company in the world has data like this. Come see what we can do with it when we're not powering 9000 menus of deliciousness.

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eet labs currently requires a tablet in landscape mode or a laptop.
Check back soon for eet labs - phone.

Heat Maps

The first outing for eet Labs is a show of the distribution
of foods, cuisines and dishes throughout London.
See where the foods you crave most are found with our distribution visualization.
Then try building your own.

We start with a fresh map of London

then throw in some Noodles.

How about Biryani?

You can find Shawarma both further North and further West.

And there's more Caviar around London than you might expect...

..but not nearly as much as there is Avocado.

Heat maps show a distribution of popularity of noodles [china town] biryani [brick lane] shawarma [edgware road] caviar [mayfair] and avocado [primrose hill, shepards bush, angel, fulham, chelsea] based on their appearence as menu items in eet's 9000+ menus for restaurants in London, UK.

Where you eet ..?

Try It Yourself

Enter foods or cuisines you crave and see where in London most satifies it.
Select from colors to customise the map.